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Feeling unvalued of late?0

Posted on November 21st, 2012 in News

This piece was posted by a colleague of mine on Linkedin recently, Omar Soker, and it struck such a chord that I thought a re-broadcast wasn’t amiss.

Of course if you wish to go direct to his post –

What are 8 Reasons Companies Drift Away from Values?

1. Lots of Little Decisions – It’s hard to be consistently strategic. Managers make all sorts of ad hoc decisions to meet short term needs without balancing long term value. Like an ill-considered cost cut or too much spin on sales. Each one isn’t ground-breaking but they add up. It’s death by value creep.
2. Internal Focus – Managers are more focused on appeasing corporate hierarchies than addressing key issues.
3. Over Correction – Something bad happens, and the knee-jerk reaction to fix it causes different problems. Like more administration or hoops for customers to jump through to do business with you.
4. Too Much Confidence – A little confidence is essential. But when you think you’re invincible, decision-making becomes arbitrary or self-assessed. That’s when values get broken.
5. Change for Change’s Sake – Someone new comes along and wants to make his mark. The problem is, he didn’t think things through properly or consult front-line staff about how customers will be impacted. What’s changed? Core value drift.
6. Power Plays – It’s the same as above, but this person knows exactly what he is doing. It’s about power, control and grabbing territory. Cause and effect. Tit for tat. Someone just started a war.
7. Boredom – Maybe the CEO’s just fed up and needs a different job? He loses interest and pushes through whatever he wants because he can. Whose fault is this? The board’s; for not keeping him accountable to the company’s values.
8. A Quick Easy Buck – Opportunism is great. It moves business forward, generates progress and development. Nothing wrong there. But what happens when temptation is too much? When lines are crossed, or boundaries broken, or legalities infringed just to make a fast dollar. Maybe they can keep it secret? In today’s connected world, not for long. And once it gets out, trust is broken. Trust is important. Employees like it, so do customers. It’s also linked to core values.

Why else do companies do in breaking their core values?
Have you seen other examples of companies drifting?

Let me know your thoughts on this oft ignored trend when companies and individuals are under stress.

All the best 


IOSH gain a Coaching Insight0

Posted on September 14th, 2012 in Uncategorized

The SenseOf Group delivered one of their trademark introduction sessions last night to the The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Midlands Branch, East District

Reaction was positive to say the least….

“David, and his colleague David Peel, gave an excellent and well researched presentation on Professional Coaching to the IOSH Midlands Branch, East District; supported by an enjoyable and thought provoking workshop David’s presentation was extremely well received. David is a very confident, experienced, engaging and ‘easy to relate’ to presenter who was able to share his knowledge and experience through his enthusiasm, commitment and belief in coaching as a positive process.”

Sharon Wooller CMIOSH
Secretary, Midlands Branch, EastDistrict IOSH

Why don’t you too consider taking a Coaching Insight for your own company or organisation? Contact us through

Happy customers!0

Posted on May 26th, 2012 in News, Newsticker

Hi Davids,

Just a line to thank you for the intro to Go For No last week. What a refreshing and enlightening insight into sales training! The key thing for me is how it’s given me some clear steps to follow, and targets for behaviour changes with my current sales managers.

Zeta are about to enlarge our sales team to 12 staff, and this program has given me a great process for them all from the get go.

Thanks once again, and I’ll be sure to mention this wherever I can.

Best regards

Anthony McClellan

Commercial Director
Zeta Specialist Lighting Ltd

Go For No June Update0

Posted on May 25th, 2012 in News

The SENSE OF group’s successful launch of Go For No took place last Thursday 17th May at Birmingham’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, supported by both Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, the originators of the program from Florida, USA.

“The application of the Go For No mind-set will transform thinking for any sales oriented organisation. Of course it’s not just about selling, but the approach anyone can take to overcome obstacles in business and personal life” said David Taylor, co-founder of the SENSE OF group. “We’re now working with companies on customised training programs based around the key concepts, but how that occurs in your company will depend on specified and qualified needs.”

Richard Fenton added “The fact is, most people spend their lives doing everything within their power to seek  success while simultaneously doing everything within their power to avoid failure…  a recipe that virtually ensures average performance!  Increasing your failure rate is the ultimate strategy for outstanding performance …  because when you increase your failure, success will show up at your door in greater quantities than you ever could have imagined.”

“We’ve loved coming over specially for this launch” said Angela Waltz, co-presenter with Richard Fenton, “and although the age and architecture of Warwick beats anything we’ve got in Tampa, you know what, the business mentality is identical. Every one wants to do better despite this recession, so Go For No works here just the same. Go for it!”

Contact with the SENSE OF group can be made through, whereupon either of the two David’s will be eager to understand your needs and wishes for now to apply Go For No with your staff and networks. Go for it – Go For No!

Go For No Launch – 17 May 2012, Birmingham, UK0

Posted on March 29th, 2012 in News, Newsticker

Why not come along to our Go For No Launch?

Thursday 17 May 2012 from 1:45 PM to 5:00 PM
Crowne Plaza NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom

This session is aimed primarily at people who manage teams or groups of people commonly facing rejection and the word no.

It will provide a taster of what the course can do for their teams taking personal achievement and team performance to new levels.

Tickets cost just £50 / person and can be ordered using the button below to take you to our shop.
The event starts at 2pm with the session lasting for around 3 hours.
The centrally located Crowne Plaza at the NEC Birmingham has been chosen to make attending easy.

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