Personal Coaching

Think strategically, delegate effectively and inspire performance

Team building and a commitments focus in the workplace


The most crucial element of any effective business team is agreeing strategy, allied to delivering a simple and unambiguous set of team commitments.

Do your management teams know how to think strategically, delegate effectively and inspire people to perform?

Do your employees understand how their actions contribute to specific organisational results?

Do you have a process for linking performance assessment to business strategy?

How quickly can your teams mobilise to manage major crossfucntional initiatives?

StartTeam from The Sense of Group will take you through team building and a commitments focus in the workplace.

This is not an imaginary hillside team exercise, but one that is based in the team’s real workspace, dealing with real issues they need to resolve.

The outputs are documented and become a key routine of followup and assessment in the business year.

StartTeam Program I creates an alignment within individuals that delivers measurable focus and business improvement in all walks of industry type. It will result in the use of common and shared language between groups to create understanding and a vision of success for the team’s future.