StartTeam© Program II

Effective strategic planning and its clear communication

A fully integrated strategic development tool


Your business needs both effective strategic planning and its clear communication to succeed

And just as a map is usually more effective than a list of directions, so a graphical description of your strategy can often communicate your strategy more effectively than a weighty document.

One popular technique for communicating strategy graphically is called ‘the Pyramid of Purpose’. It is called this because it describes the elements of strategy graphically.

The Sense of Group help you develop your own pyramid and create vertical and horizontal alignment and measurable results with the StartTeam program.

StartTeam Program II works at a much deeper level aross disciplines and corporate culture. It is anchored with board level commitment to deliver a fully integrated strategic development tool that integrates with your reward and remuneration policies.

It addresses the negative effect on corporate performance of unaligned individuals and disparate teams, by creating alignment of purpose and process.

Do you really know that all your staff know which way you’re headed?
Have you tested that recently?

The Transformational decisions are in train, but the Transactional interactions need attention (Burke-Letwin). By introducing an active process with workshops that resolves misunderstanding and gets to the heart of differences and conflict, real insight and focus is delivered to the business.

Cascade this process down and across multiple functions and real understanding begins to emerge.

Embed this process into your core reward and remuneration structure and then measurement and reward is aligned to strategy and objectives.

Run StartTeam© for the coming business year and create immediate improvements that have long term impact.

StartTeam© delivers

1. Strategy deployment

  • Educate your staff and leaders on developing individual team efficiencies
  • Conduct annual, multi-day team meetings to create or  sustain strategic alignment
  • Discuss metrics, objectives, roles, effectiveness improvements and action plans for the year ahead
  • Help you institute an organisation-wide scorecard process linked to strategic priorities and operating results
  • Reinforce a culture that resolves issues without leadership intervention
  • Implement results with rigour and discipline.

2. Managing for Results

What you monitor, measure and reward is what gets done, and getting the right things done is the only way to generate business results. StartTeam© processes deliver the following outputs and services:

  • Documentation linked to existing systems (including Hr and rewards)
  • Team leaders educated and trained to manage for results
  • Start-up events, checkpoint meetings and appraisals
  • Regular follow-up to provide feedback and advice.

3. Performance improvements

The StartTeam process is only the beginning. When the unexpected happens – a major acquisition, a merger, new products – organisational response is critical. This embedded process delivers language and drive to keep on top of the application of performance. StartTeam initiates constant challenge and review, with process to bring resolution.

4. Benefits

  • Provides a simple structure to direct the often difficult process of agreeing team goals
  • Aligns individual activities within agreed overall team and team members objectives
  • Develops skills for the team in objective setting
  • As part of the workshop a regular review process is agreed, put in place, and the first date set. Ongoing reviews are embedded
  • Experienced facilitation enables the Team Leader to concentrate on the content, and topics, rather than management and process
  • Commitment is generated through whole team involvement
  • Constructive feedback on the team and individual performance
  • Integration vertically and laterally changes behaviours for life
  • Reward and performancde measurement explicitly linked.