Go For No

Go for No will recalibrate your state of mind when viewing success or failure

Turning upside down everything you have considered about success before

So say Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz inventors of the Go For No programme that has become recognised as one of the top motivational and behaviour changing programmes in the US over the last ten years and now available exclusively via the UK licence holders the SENSE OF group.

“The moment I saw this in 2011 when Richard and Andrea did a rare presentation in the UK I realised how powerful this programme is and wanted to bring it to a wider audience.   Having agreed the licence we are proud to be working with the US Go For NO team and look forward to helping people and organisations positively change their results during 2012”.
David Peel, The SENSE OF Group

Everyone loves the sound of the word, YES! It’s so positive, so empowering. And then there’s NO! For most people, NO is just the opposite; negative, draining… the antithesis of YES. But what if everyone’s wrong? What if NO could actually be the most empowering word in the world? What if you could achieve every quota, hit every income goal, reach every personal dream, simply by hearing NO more often?

This programme turns NO on its ear! It introduces you to a number of concepts, many of which may be counter-intuitive, forcing you to think in radically different ways… to remove some of your assumptions and beliefs.

The central premise upon which this programme is built is that to be more successful, you must intentionally increase your failure rate. And, ultimately, to not just fail more, but to learn to love it! In a word (three words, actually) you to learn to… GO… FOR… NO!

So, the faster you fail the quicker you succeed!

This programme is now available in the UK exclusively through The SENSE OF Group. David Peel and David Taylor, Consultant Partners, go live with Go For No from March 2012.

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