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Go For No – the book

Entertaining and fast-paced, Go for No!® motivates readers to overcome self-imposed limitations and to literally fail their way to success! It teaches that the ultimate strategy for achieving sales success (and outrageous levels of success in life) is not to merely “tolerate” failure and rejection but to intentionally seek it out.

When it comes to improving results, learning to overcome fear of failure, rejection, and being motivated to achieve peak levels of performance and sales success, Go for No!® is the book that can do all that… if you’re willing to let it!
Includes FREE access code for “No Quotient” Assessment.

£8.99 ea.

Re-programme How You Think about NO – audio CD

This amazing CD features Go for No! authors and creators Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz as they share their masterful reprogramming statements set to a fabulous soundtrack. The CD contains the following chapters:

  • The “Go for No” Mindset Attitudes About Failure
  • Responding to No! Outside the Comfort Zone
  • Building Your Courage Persistence & Tenacity
  • Overcoming Rejection Attitudes about Selling
  • Getting Into Action!

It is not enough to simply hope that you will shift to the “go for no” mindset overnight. Give yourself the tools to help make “go for no” part of your consciousness and everyday living. This CD is the perfect ongoing reinforcement for shifting to the “go for no” ideas and strategies. Richard and Andrea spent months crafting exactly what they know you need to be feeding your brain in order to fully embrace their “go for no” philosophy and put it here in one single CD!

£10.00 ea.

Go For No – 4 DVD set

This CD Program takes the “go for no” strategy to a whole new level: MASTERY!

(NOTE: This is NOT the book on CD!) This ground breaking program covers 20 ‘core concepts’ you must know to get on the path of changing how you think, feel, and behave when it comes to the word “NO!” Richard and Andrea are in the studio together and the ideas and strategies they share will help you…

  • Dramatically increase your sales
  • Increase prospecting activity
  • EXPLODE your income
  • Remove negative feelings about hearing “No”
  • Eliminate business “slumps” keeping you inspired during tough times
  • Motivate you to breakthrough to the next level

With almost 3 hours of high-impact (no fluff!) content on three audio CDs, this programme will have a measurable impact on your business and has the power to change your life! The 20 core concepts you will learn include:

  1. How to Develop a more empowering definition of “failure”
  2. Achieving “success” requires a conscious decision to work to “failure”
  3. Get beyond the “willingness” to tolerate NO and learn to embrace it!
  4. Your N.Q. (NO-Quotient™) is significantly more important than your I.Q.
  5. In terms of presentations, QUANTITY usually trumps QUALITY.
  6. When it comes to increasing NOs, you’ve got a need for speed!
  7. Your reaction to YES and NO should be of equal emotional intensity.
  8. Create a heightened sense of NO “awareness” by counting your NOs.
  9. To value NO, you must know (and mentally verbalize) its value.
  10. Having YES goals is important. Having NO-Goals™ is critical!
  11. Increase the TOTAL NUMBER of NO’s within every interaction
  12. Offering “options” is an important way to increase your NOs
  13. If your success rate is over 30%, you’re not challenging yourself.
  14. It takes no more energy to get a BIG “NO” than to get a small one.
  15. Never make a decision for others as to what they’ll decide, do or spend.
  16. The only way to discover “the line” is to step over it now and then.
  17. Within every NO is the information we need to move forward/improve
  18. The Quantity of prospects dictates the Quality & Persistence required.
  19. NO doesn’t mean never; NO means not yet. Keep going! Don’t quit!
  20. It’s not just what you “make” that matters. It’s what you become!

These 20 concepts will change your beliefs, give you ideas, or do both at the same time. After spending nearly 3 years crafting this programme, the feedback on it has been nothing short of phenomenal. In fact, fans of the book often tell us that this programme is even better!

PLUS: This package includes a 36-page Implementation Guide CD that details each of the 20 concepts along with questions and exercises to complete to allow you put each concept to work for your specific business and situation.

£50.00 ea.