Sports teams are coached. Why not in the corporate world?

Every manager needs to practice two types of coaching. Where are you on this landscape?

Lack of team performance is oft quoted as being the reason when businesses fail.

Individuals can create vision and purpose, but can they drive high performing teams who all embrace the common destination?

The SENSE OF Group specialise in creating corporate alignment of people and processes within the team environment.

Company Coaching

The Sense of Group knows that the balance of driving performance through process and people is a struggle. The truth is that both of these elements in your company need your attention. Sometimes it’s the people bit that gets forgotten or ignored.

Clearly calendar driven coaching, such as that based around formal reviews, specific meetings, might be embedded into your business routines. If you want a conversation with us about best practice, and techniques, you can devolve throughout your business let’s talk.

Event driven coaching sparked by some specific incident, or new activity, is another day to day working life of you and your teams. What a great business to work in when this occurs naturally.

How might you and your team leaders get to that point? What new processes might you introduce into your business routines? How do you gain a culture that actively pursues the coaching and learning mindset?

Let’s discuss more over a coffee.

Personal Coaching

Executive coaching is distinct from other types of coaching. The broader field of coaching includes life planning, career counselling, health and nutritional advice, New Age aura readings, and training in skills from public speaking to flirtation. We don’t do that stuff. Our role is to help “coachees”—the people being coached—produce business results for their employers.

Executive coaching is also distinct from psychotherapy; indeed, people who need therapy tend to make poor candidates for coaching. That said, most executive coaching is intellectually indebted to a small number of disciplines, including consulting, management, organisational development, and psychology.

Our executive coaching consists of highly personal one-on-one and team interventions between coaches and senior executives, and it usually lasts several months. Such coaching is fundamentally a business proposition. Its purpose is to produce learning, behavioural change, and growth in the coachee for the economic benefit of a third party—the client that employs the coachee. On a personal level, we are deeply committed to helping our coachees lead better lives, but coaching succeeds only when that benefit comes with addition to business results.

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