The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25/5/18

TSOG has tracked this new legislation and offers positive advice and action plans for implementation

You should make sure that decision makers and key people in your organisation are aware that the law is changing to the GDPR. They need to appreciate the impact this is likely to have. Let us lead you to your leadership solutions.
The SenseOfGroup will take individuals and groups of early leaders through the basics and first steps to creating GDPR compliance for your workplace.

Briefing and Training

“I’ve got some idea of what this is about, and the risks the company faces, but my team really needs a broader understanding”

Implementation Advice

It’s not only the understanding, but how do you deliver the changes in process that this will all entail. TSOG can help.


Paperwork, Process, and Policies. Your demonstration of readiness to audit and compliance is a part of the steps you will need to take. We can show you a class leading approach to this challenge.


Learn and educate yourself to take responsibility and ownership of the program yourself for the whole business. We’ll set you up to start the journey